BMX Video by Stefan Pauli

I did a little beat for this short teaser by Stefan Pauli.

I guess you would call this piece oldschool or at least something that reminds you of that 90s sound.

At the moment I am working on my website which (I hope) is going online in a few weeks.

I just finished watching the third season of “The Wire" which is slowly hitting germany now (DVD’s have never been released so far). I have to say: hands down, one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time! So if you don’t know the show definitely check it out!

Joy Devotion - Promo Video (Editing and music by Sleeper Hold)

I just finished this little appetizer for a new show at the XOYO gallery in london called “Joy Devotion”. It features photos of the Ian Curtis Memorial Stone, taken on the 18th of every month for a year between 2009-10 (including the 30th anniversary of Curtis’s death). You’ll find more information about the event right here:

Cannon - New Track

Chris W - Locked Up Inside

I started this project by remixing Chris’ song “locked up inside”. You can hear the result in this video, that I also directed and edited. We put an old projector in front of him and startet filming. For the chorus I messed around with the focus ring of the projector to make the picture look a little busier! In the end we really tried to have some kind of collage of inspiring people, movies and places in the video.

I hope you enjoy the end result!

Find Chris here:



Fire - New Track

I just learned that I like the sound of the cimbalo. Enjoy!

I just finished editing the trailer for Die letzte Reise. Enjoy!

Premiere of “Die letzte Reise”

Yesterday was the premiere of the theatre play “Die letzte Reise" which I did the music and video editing for.

It was directed by my good friend Remo Philipp and it had quite a lot of music in it, as well as a lot of interaction with videos.

A big thank you goes out to Remo and his team for letting me work on such a special play and of course to Jan Brett who did the mix of all songs and the sounddesign.

I had a blast doing the music for this one and i will start working on the trailer in the next few days, so keep looking for that! I released one track called duel.

The idea is to achieve a big sound that would be compromised by very pathetic images of a battle on the stage later. The whole play works as a satire on the media on one layer, and deals with the topic of suicide on another.

Stay tuned for more material fom “Die letzte Reise” !

I finished editing the trailer of “atemlos”, a theater play by remo philipp. I also did the music and the filming on this one. Enjoy!

Time - Hans Zimmer

I know that a lot of people allready did this song but I love it so I gave it a shot:
Ricochet! was released on the Betamod Netlabel!

live long and prosper!